Say my name!

My name, Wouter, isn’t the easiest to spell nor to pronounce. I find a lot of amusement in the mispronunciations.

The NPC Man crew (now Viva La Dirt League) make great YouTubes about game (and computer shop) tropes. They did a kickstarter to fund their studio, and I asked them to make a video about saying my name.

They did not disappoint.

Thanks guys, that made my day.

(First and last pronunciations are correct)

Fun experiments with Pilot FriXion ink

I have been really enjoying the Pilot FriXion 4-colour pen to make notes and graphs. The pen not only has a 0.5mm fine tip in 4 colours, but the FriXion also allows “erasing” the text by friction.

This is not happening by abrasion like pencils are erased, but by heating up the ink.

Wrote the text
Erased the E and A (note that the camera is a lot better at seeing the “erased” text than the naked eye is, in person this seems erased)

I read in a review of the pen that someone left the pen in the sun in the car and now the ink was blank as one would expect. But there was a response suggesting leaving the pen in the freezer “to restore the ink” which was surprising.
So I thought about trying it out and put the paper in the freezer and lo and behold it indeed came back:

After a night in the freezer

In the Ophan X book “Out of the Dark” (by Gregg Hurwitz) the bad guy makes his notes with a FriXion pen and “destroys” these by using a microwave. As in the story, a part stays legible, just like my attempt:

“Erasing” by putting the paper in the microwave.

However, besides just increasing the contrast like my phone does, all Orphan X had to do was put it in the freezer and…

And recovery with ten minutes in the freezer.

More on the background of the chemistry can be found for example here.

Fun stuff.

Sinterklaas is the only real one!

Let it be known, that I am of the firm opinion that the only real celebration of the mind expanding properties of psychedelic mushrooms saint that rewards the good and punishes the bad, is the Dutch Sinterklaas, not this imposter Santa Clause.

As one of my math professors convincingly argued in a time I was still quite impressionable:

  1. 17+ Million clear headed Dutchies can not be wrong. All those cola-advertising-indoctrinated ones can.
  2. Sinterklaas is on December 5th, Santa Clause is December 25th. Clearly the first is the first.
  3. If that is not convincing, Sinterklaas existed before the American culture that promotes Santa Clause existed. Again, the first is clearly the first, is clearly the correct one
  4. The elder Sinterklaas spends his off-time in a warm climate (Spain). The elder Santa Clause goes and hides on the North pole icecap. If you could fly anywhere anytime at several times faster than the speed of sound (to deliver all the packages), without breaking the sound barrier, and you were an older gentleman, where would you go?


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Coffee Exorcisms

Oh yes:

I do like this company’s consciously over the top branding. I’ve heard from a reliable source that they are on purpose stereotyping themselves. Love it, some nice conscious spiral dynamics blue “we vets!” to have orange financial result, for once not pampering to the childish version of green that is going around now.

Tongue tricks

Doing a meditation, I had a random idea to make a post on tongue tricks I know of. Without further ado, here it is.

  • When running, keep your tongue inside your teeth, even if you are panting: as pointed out to me by a Krav Maga trainer, you don’t want your tongue caught between your teeth if you can fall or be hit on your jaw. This took a small bit of attention to practice and soon it became my default.
  • When you have an urge to sneeze and don’t want to sneeze, rub your tongue against the palate of your mouth (i.e. the ribbed part on the upper part of your mouth). For some reason this suppresses the sneezing impuls (conflicting sensations in the same nerve bundle?). Interestingly, it does not work the other way around: rubbing the palate of your mouth does not have you sneeze.
  • When you have muscle tension in your jaw, relax the muscles and use your tongue to slightly open your mouth. Much more relaxing!
  • When you are playing with energy, especially micro-cosmic orbit, place the tip of your tongue gently on the palate of your mouth (I rest it against my front teeth). Supposedly this helps guide the energy down again. All I know is that it helps prevent headaches I got doing energy play without this.

How I am “nicknamed”…

I get that my name is hard to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. I really do.

I’ve found that it works well if I tell English speakers that my name is “Wow!-ter”, they can remember and pronounce my name near perfectly. “Wow!”, by the way was my nickname in the Authentic World Circling Training T3.


By necessity, I also respond to “Walter”, the common German version of my name (which was amusing when my friend Walter and I went to visit a Japanese customer one time).

"Walter" (German version of "Wouter")
“Walter” (German version of “Wouter”)

However, coffee butchers barristas do manage to misspell my name in some particularly spectacular ways:

"Boter" ("butter" in Dutch)
“Boter” (“butter” in Dutch)

"Wouten" ("cops" in Dutch)
“Wouten” (“cops” in Dutch)

“Valta” (no idea, sounds like a Valkyrie)


And it is not just them. Some graphic designers, who were provided with a spelling out my name and the wish to have a logo for “”, from an account named “” on 99Designs, still manage to translate that an ‘elegant’ “”.