How I am “nicknamed”…

I get that my name is hard to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. I really do.

I’ve found that it works well if I tell English speakers that my name is “Wow!-ter”, they can remember and pronounce my name near perfectly. “Wow!”, by the way was my nickname in the Authentic World Circling Training T3.


By necessity, I also respond to “Walter”, the common German version of my name (which was amusing when my friend Walter and I went to visit a Japanese customer one time).

"Walter" (German version of "Wouter")
“Walter” (German version of “Wouter”)

However, coffee butchers barristas do manage to misspell my name in some particularly spectacular ways:

"Boter" ("butter" in Dutch)
“Boter” (“butter” in Dutch)
"Wouten" ("cops" in Dutch)
“Wouten” (“cops” in Dutch)
“Valta” (no idea, sounds like a Valkyrie)

And it is not just them. Some graphic designers, who were provided with a spelling out my name and the wish to have a logo for “”, from an account named “” on 99Designs, still manage to translate that an ‘elegant’ “”.