Financial connections

I don’t need income from this blog to sustain myself. I choose integrity and honest expression over monetary gain, so I won’t advertise something I do not stand behind.

I do however convert outgoing links to their affiliate and referral versions, when that does not impact you as a reader financially.

I do this for several reasons:

  • A (successful) affiliate often gets access to early releases of products, or products to try, which give me more opportunity to experiment with those new releases and report back about it here.
  • I put the generated revenue towards new products and experiences.
  • I get somewhat indirect feedback on what seems to be useful for you the reader, and I like knowing I have a positive impact on you. This motivates me to put energy in this blog.

Organizational connections

I am connected to many organizations. However this is a n=1 blog and as I said in the disclaimer, I’m not speaking on behalf of any of them on this blog.

That said, I consider it useful for you to know what organizations might have a bigger influence on my world view:

I hope this gave you some insight where I am coming from and who I am not talking for?

With warm regards,

P.S. See also the disclaimer and about this site.