meditation without the woo-woo gives a fresh theoretical look at meditation styles and a “brains-on” simple and effective practice in the various styles.

Offering: distinctions and simple practice

They distinguish meditation by its focus in 5 different areas:

  1. Concentration (of the mind)
  2. Mindfulness (of the body)
  3. Heartfulness (and kindness)
  4. Inquiry (of the why?)
  5. Awareness (and spaciousness)

I like their distinctions and down-to-earth tone. I find their training pieces nicely short yet usefully concentrated. And I consider their prices are very reasonable ($15-$25) for the quality their courses.

If you are curious about some background in meditation and want to cut down to the simplified essence and practice, I suggest you give a try.

See also

  • Binaural beats to help bring your brain in theta state (such as Holosync),, iDoser and many others).
  • Inner Balance and Lief for tools that support meditation by HRV coherence bio-feedback. Relatively cheap and effective.
  • Muse headband supporting meditation by brainwave monitoring as bio-feedback. Somewhat about twice as expensive as the Inner Balance, much faster and brutally-honest feedback cycle.