I do like “practicing my disembodiment practice” with games for relaxation, but I love games that teach me something. In no particular order:

  • I enjoy playing single player FPSes like the old style MOHAA and CoD and they teach me the horror and sacrifice in historic events, as I get cut down over and over by that damn MG-42 raking down on the Omaha beach.
  • I enjoy playing frantic multi-player FPSes like CoD and they taught me cool-headed split-second decision making with group flow, while delightfully rushing B.
  • I enjoy playing RPGs like Fallout and they taught me the cost and value of lawful good or chaotic evil behaviour, while gleefully going on a rampage through a town with a power armor for not getting my bottle caps.
  • I enjoy playing strategy games like DEFCON and Plague:Inc, and they taught me the beautiful reality and horror of wargames, while cackling as my ICBMs streak towards my unprepared opponent and everyone dies.
  • I enjoy playing movement games like AudioTrip and the Wiii games, and they got me to move and exercise, while making Jedi-moves.
  • I enjoy playing SoundSelf and it is teaching me to surrender and become one with the universe, while nurturing me deeply as I ooooooooooooohhhhhmmmm.