Bulletproof® Instamix

I’ve just tried the Bulletproof® Instamix and I can’t say I like it much.
Although it is made with Bulletproof® Brain Octane and high-end butter, the taste is quite chemical and acrid. This bitter chemical taste lingers quite a bit too.
By itself, I would not suggest using it.

Hack: use with Four Sigma’s instant coffee

However, with thanks to a hint of my friend Eduard from Helfi.nl: combining Instamix with Four Sigma’s instant coffee with mushroom extract, hides the chemical taste of Instamix and leaves a cup of good coffee with excellent serving of Brain Octane®, grass-fed butter and the mushroom supplements.


If you want to make Bulletproof® coffee on the go, you are better off taking Brain Octane® in a good travel container and getting good butter locally.

Where to get Instamix?

I got Instamix from Helfi.nl in Europe.
In the US you’re best off getting it via Amazon or directly from Bulletproof Inc.