Disaster pants

“Disaster pants”:
A term from the bio-hacking community to describe “acute gastronomical distress”, i.e. the need to go to the toilet right now and get things out of your intestines.

Typically this is the result of taking so much vitamine C or MCTs (especially of the irritating versions C6, C10 and C12 because you did not use Bulletproof® Brain Octane but poor MCT-oil or even too much coconut oil), that it exceeds your gut tolerance. So it decides to evacuate it out (which is the exact same mechanism diarrhoea works: the pathogens generate irritants, so they get out and infect other humans).

Luckily this is a fairly quick feedback loop (<1h for MCTs, <2h for vitamine C), so now you know that you exceeded what your body wants to handle for now: reduce the amount next time. In my experience this is over in 1-2 trips to the toilet, even if those trips are "interesting" in their intensity.