The “How?”

I’m writing this blog as if I were writing to you.
Yes YOU, the one who is now reading this!

I like the intimacy writing to you as if you were the only recipient. I like recording it as if I was talking to you right there with me.

Imagining you being right there, I can be more authentically myself and I imagine I stand closer to you.

The “What?”

This is where I share about my experiences and insights in the realms of:

The “Why?”

I’m writing and recording videos sharing content and my thoughts because:

  • I have a very strong hankering to write.
  • Explaining it to you (the reader), helps me learn and integrate even more, which really lights me up! As Heinlein puts it so nicely: “When one teaches, two learn”.
  • I want to document advice and suggestions I’ve given and shared with others previously, so that I don’t have to repeat myself.
  • Having a “deadline” and “deliverable” of a post, helps me complete projects that have been 90% complete for too long already.
  • I trust a quality-filled and well-read website will bring me in contact with:
    • Cool opportunities to play with new toys. Ehh. Get access to new technology and methodology to try, digest and report about here.
    • Enlivening interactions with fellow geeks.
    • Inspiring clients for coaching, consultancy and training.

The “To whom?”:

If you are still reading this, I assume you are also interested in upgrading your life, by lifestyle choices, technology, methodology and your own growth.

The technicalities

See the disclaimer for the legal technicalities, and disclosure of affiliate links and organizational links.