Showing off Bodhi Bhavan with a drone

I was at a seminar at the Bodhi Bhavan space in Portugal, near Faro, with my drone. Pretty shots came from that!

Kaya is seeing the drone off.
This is showing the main house below, the pool being dug, and up the hill the seminar room.
During the night is is spectacular too.
With the lights on and Kaya and Julia in the room, it looks even prettier.
Daylight view showing the environment better.

Some of these videos are also up on youtube.

Japan: Suica travel card

Something that has me proud as I have some background and connections in the domain, and happy because I just love Japan:
It is now possible to use any iPhone 7 or higher for most of the public transport in Japan (this is called “Suica”, a FeliCa technology solution). If you are travelling in Tokyo, this is great!

Transfer to iPhone

If you already have a Suica card, you can transfer the balance (including deposit!) to your iPhone 7 or higher. Apple has a walkthrough that is easy to follow (only attention point is that you have to change the region to Japan under General -> Language & Region -> Region).
Simply put, set your region to Japan and add a Suica card to your wallet.

Use is easy

Use is easy: just hold your iPhone on the turnstile readers. With the excellent reader technology and powered iPhone, reading distance and speed is really good. Your phone will vibrate and you are done.