Authentic Relating

Authentic Relating is a combination of practices developed to bring more connection to oneself, more connection to the other, and thus more relationship to the wider group of relationships.

I learned of authentic relating via the “Authentic Man Project” (AMP) in San Francisco in search of better relationships around 2012, found deepening of it in Authentic World/Integral Center in Boulder around 2013, and founded Authentic Europe to bring this to Europe around 2013, closed that down in 2017.

I am still using the AMP model of first Presence, then Appreciation, then Integrity, and from that Wholeness and Play, to track my state and mastery.

I am still using many of the practices (including Notice, Imagine, Feel) in personal and professional relationships with great benefit for all involved.


Although I’m still quite connected in the domain, I am no longer teaching or organising events in this space. I highly advise you to look at the offerings over at Authentic Revolution by my dear friend Sara Ness.

That said, here are some writings I still have on this website:

  • Intro to Circling handout: Handout we gave participants of our 1-day introduction course to Circling: the agreements, core practices of Circling (in games format) and overview of Circling. It contains the 20% one needs to learn how to be an 80% good Circling participant in 1 day.
  • Authentic Relating agreements: Useful set of agreements for any kind of workshop, explicitly honed over many very intensive workshops (all leaders of workshops honed these, including spending 3 days diving really deep into the nuances of the order, wording and even way of being during saying these). These make good anti-culty-cult rules.
  • Cult or not: A fun yes/no game showing why this is (not) a cult, in the “culty cult” way (as Jamie Wheel likes to say).
  • And some of the authentic relating practices/games such as Notice, Imagine, Feel: speaking your own truth, although you are better of going to the Authentic Revolution Games Manual.