Authentic Europe

I founded Authentic Europe in 2013-ish to address my sense that Europe was about to burst and blossom into authentic relating if only it had a kernel to start from, a guide to hold on to while growing.

I was and still am lit up by that lightness of being in people who have experienced being seen as they authentically are, accepted as they are without needing to change. I’m inspired by people daring to go to their growth edge and stretching their comfort zone. I’m touched by people opening their hearts and walking away with more vulnerability and strength at the same time. All those experiences, and my growth as a person with them, have me lead Authentic Europe forward.

My strong integrity drives me to also ensure that this is a safe environment for every one. The core tenant stays “you are ok as you are (including any desire to change)”. This is not therapy, although quite some healing can occur and is always welcomed. This is not to change work, even though quite some change and growth can come from this. This is to deeply connect by exploring what is happening right here, right now, in and between us.

In its 5 years existence, Authentic Europe has succeeded in the goal of bringing authentic relating and the flagship practice of Circling fully to Europe and have those practices blossom. Others have enthusiastically taken these practices in all kinds of directions, so Authentic Europe has fulfilled its goal.
Hence, as the original founder, I have closed down the Authentic Europe organisation in 2017.

Some of the content we made then is still quite useful, such as:

  • Intro to Circling handout: Handout we gave participants of our 1-day introduction course to Circling: the agreements, core practices of Circling (in games format) and overview of Circling. It contains the 20% one needs to learn how to be an 80% good Circling participant in 1 day.
  • Authentic Relating agreements: Useful set of agreements for any kind of workshop, explicitly honed over many very intensive workshops (all leaders of workshops honed these, including spending 3 days diving really deep into the nuances of the order, wording and even way of being during saying these). These make good anti-culty-cult rules.
  • Cult or not: A fun yes/no game showing why this is (not) a cult, in the “culty cult” way (as Jamie Wheel likes to say).
  • And some of the authentic relating practices/games such as Notice, Imagine, Feel: speaking your own truth, although you are better of going to the Authentic Revolution Games Manual.

A heartfelt thank-you to everyone who was and often still is part of that journey,