Aniracetam is probably the nootropic that has the biggest impact on me, after Bulletproof® coffee and the clean and healthy lifestyle.

How can I tell it works?

I can’t easily tell any direct physical changes when I take it now as I’ve gotten used to having it in my life. However my mind just seems to work way better. Someone describe it as increasing the speed of memory and recall, increasing memory I/O speed, and that fits:

  • Thoughts are quicker, recalling complex terms and names is much easier.
  • My speech is more fluid, I have less “ehhh”s in my sentences.
  • Running at high mental performance is effortless: complex reasoning just works, I have more productivity and creativity.

Similar to my experience with adaptogens, the effect of Aniracetam is most noticeable when it is absent, i.e. when I stop taking it; my slowdown is very pronounced.

Supposedly there are also longer-term protective effects, I can’t tell whether that is true.
There are also claims this promotes of creation of neural connections (i.e. learning), but with all the other things I do, I can’t tell whether that is happening.

How do I use it?

Aniracetam is fat-soluble, so I take it together with my morning Bulletproof coffee and my lunch. Its short-term effect is pretty fast (about an half hour from consuming it) and lasts for 3-5 hours.

Aniracetam powder is white and quite bitter, so I suggest taking it as a capsule. I get them from ThoughtFoods in Europe, and PowderCity in the US.

How much do I use?

I take 1.5mg/day (with typical 500mg/capsule, that is 3 capsules), 1mg in the morning (with my first Bulletproof® coffee), and 0.5mg in the afternoon with lunch.

According to what I’ve read and heard, aniracetam is supposed about as safe as Vitamine C, that is to say it is really hard to take damaging amounts. However those sources also make clear that lower than 1mg dose or more than 2.5mg does not actually help anything.

Headache? Consider a Choline donor

Aniracetam usage can cause increased choline usage. If you don’t make enough choline naturally, you might get a headache. Taking a choline donor, like choline force, can help.
The way to tell if you have enough choline, is to take a choline donor. If you get tightness in your jaw, you have enough choline naturally. I am in that category, taking a choline donor gives me the tightness in my jaw, like I’m grinding my teeth. This effect dissipates in a half day or so.

I’ve also read that Magnesium deficiency can be a factor on this, but I don’t have more information on this.

Further information

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