Coffee Exorcisms

Oh yes:

I do like this company’s consciously over the top branding. I’ve heard from a reliable source that they are on purpose stereotyping themselves. Love it, some nice conscious spiral dynamics blue “we vets!” to have orange financial result, for once not pampering to the childish version of green that is going around now.

Japan: Suica travel card

Something that has me proud as I have some background and connections in the domain, and happy because I just love Japan:
It is now possible to use any iPhone 7 or higher for most of the public transport in Japan (this is called “Suica”, a FeliCa technology solution). If you are travelling in Tokyo, this is great!

Transfer to iPhone

If you already have a Suica card, you can transfer the balance (including deposit!) to your iPhone 7 or higher. Apple has a walkthrough that is easy to follow (only attention point is that you have to change the region to Japan under General -> Language & Region -> Region).
Simply put, set your region to Japan and add a Suica card to your wallet.

Use is easy

Use is easy: just hold your iPhone on the turnstile readers. With the excellent reader technology and powered iPhone, reading distance and speed is really good. Your phone will vibrate and you are done.

Tongue tricks

Doing a meditation, I had a random idea to make a post on tongue tricks I know of. Without further ado, here it is.

  • When running, keep your tongue inside your teeth, even if you are panting: as pointed out to me by a Krav Maga trainer, you don’t want your tongue caught between your teeth if you can fall or be hit on your jaw. This took a small bit of attention to practice and soon it became my default.
  • When you have an urge to sneeze and don’t want to sneeze, rub your tongue against the palate of your mouth (i.e. the ribbed part on the upper part of your mouth). For some reason this suppresses the sneezing impuls (conflicting sensations in the same nerve bundle?). Interestingly, it does not work the other way around: rubbing the palate of your mouth does not have you sneeze.
  • When you have muscle tension in your jaw, relax the muscles and use your tongue to slightly open your mouth. Much more relaxing!
  • When you are playing with energy, especially micro-cosmic orbit, place the tip of your tongue gently on the palate of your mouth (I rest it against my front teeth). Supposedly this helps guide the energy down again. All I know is that it helps prevent headaches I got doing energy play without this.

Gaming Game-Theory: grokking with your gut

Got 5 minutes to spare and want to really get a gut understanding of game theory, i.e. why/when co-operation works?
Play this game:

I especially found it interesting just how much resolving communication errors (step 6) is crucial to making the group trust each other more, even from a pure hard-core winning perspective.

In short:

  • If the game repeats relatively often (finite -> "infinite" games),
  • and mutually co-operating behaviour (win-win) has a bigger benefit than predatory behaviour (win-lose, i.e. zero-sum),
  • then matching the previous/average behaviour of your counterpart leads to not just the best result for you as player, but also to a group of like-minded mostly co-operating players.

I’ll be using this as the game-theory-supported sales pitch how better (authentic) relating and looking for bigger win-win results, ends in a kinder, happier world for all, just by dint of everyone doing the best for themselves.

This explains why it is important to know the reputation of people to have them behave better (and why anonymous feedback goes to nasty trolling so fast), why we are so trusting and co-operative even to strangers, why it is so important to make win-win’s worth more than win-lose (Getting to YES" by Yuri Fischer).

And that reminds me: please consider supporting Nicky for this work on Patreon and make it a win for him too!